MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting
PB, Maryland Institute College of Art, Painting and Drawing
BA, Mount Holyoke College, Philosophy of Performance Studies, Drawing and Painting

Painting & Drawing

Oil on canvas

Graphite on paper

Graphite on paper

Wallpapers and Fabric Design

Gigi Louise Lawrence's textile designs are derived from elements and patterns from her large-scale still-life paintings and graphite drawings.

Art Advising

Locating the highest quality artwork within any budget.  

An intelligent eye combined with knowledge and a wide breadth of experience can cut through the veneers of style, trendiness, and provenance - to lasting value.    

  • Two-dimensional art
  • Three-dimensional art - indoor and outdoor
  • Fine craft

Real Estate

Representing buyers and sellers in Center City Philadelphia, on the Main Line and in the New Hope River Valley.

The legalities of residential and commercial transactions, development, and zoning and ordinance compliance were the subjects of dinnertime conversation in a family whose law practice dealt daily in these concerns.

Ms. Lawrence, who began researching deeds when she was 11 years old returned to the field as a real estate agent when it became apparent that the confluence of her educational and work experiences along with her knowledge of real estate transactions made her a particularly desirable asset for clients with specific real estate goals.

Known for being, "as nice as can be and as tough as nails", Ms. Lawrence is a pragmatic and strategic negotiator with an eye of an artist who earned her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Simultaneously analytical and intuitive, it is Ms. Lawrence's directness that enables her clients to make decisions that meet or exceed their desired objectives. 


Music in the Natatorium: Commissioned Compositions

The sounds of an active pool: Kicking, breathing, the unique rhythms carved into the water by the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyles, the kerplunk of cannonballs, the voices of excited children, the silence of those afraid to enter the water, the repetitive phrases of instructing teachers, the encouraging demands of coaches, the starting beep, the hum of fans and the gurgling filters... all of these and more find their musical equivalent in Music in the Natatorium.

A project in the works, Music in the Natatorium envisions the presentation of a full program of specially commissioned music that expresses the natatorium experience. The acoustics of a natatorium - like a concert hall - are integral to the commissioned compositions.


Donate to the Gesu School Soccer Team

Ms. Lawrence's first experience with the game of soccer occurred at Haverford College. A group of expats from all over the world met for a friendly and competitive pickup game every Sunday morning; the players were physically communicating in a way that superseded cultural-political and linguistic boundaries. As a coach, she believes that cultivating an engagement with one's own physical potentials is an invaluable component of a full education and that the sharing of movement allows us to experience and express ourselves beyond the boundaries of language. 

The Gesu School would be happy to receive your donation. 

Gesu School
1700 W. Thompson St.
Philadelphia, PA  19121